We also currently have a progression of skills in our music lessons. We have outside support for the teaching of music and that includes all year groups. Key Stage One and Year 3 have weekly music sessions that focus on using their voices, the singing is also continued in our assemblies.


Year 4 and 5 have weekly violin lessons. The strings are sounded either by drawing the bow across them (arco), or sometimes by plucking them (pizzacato). The children usually play pizzicato to begin with, so they have the time to learn the notes and how to read sheet music.

Year 6 have weekly guitar lessons, this enables them to transfer the music skills that they have learnt during violin lessons in Year 4 and 5 and apply them to a different string instrument.

As the children move through the school they learn several instruments, how to read and write music as well as take part in weekly whole school singing at the end of each assembly.

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Reception Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year One Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year Two Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year Three Vocal coaching Drums
Year Four Ukulele and drums Ukulele and Drums Ukulele and Drums
Year Five Ukulele Ukulele
Year Six Guitars Guitars Guitars