Welcome to Year 3 Chestnut Class!

Class Teacher – Miss Croxton

Our class governor Llyn


English (Writing) we will be looking at Narrative writing, Tradition tale- Legends, Persuasion, Poems, Fiction and Non Fiction books. Our first book of the summer term is ‘Romulus and Remus’ which is a myth from the Roman era. Through drama and researching, the children will have an opportunity to explore the characters and fully understand the books sequence of events.

SPAG: Conjunctions (including when, if, because, although), Complex and Compound sentences, present perfect form of verbs (in contrast to the past tense), nouns or pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Fronted adverbials, Speech, Commas after fronted adverbials, possessive apostrophe (with singular and plural nouns), using and punctuating direct speech, suffix and prefix.

English (Reading) we will be looking to understand the Inference of a characters feelings. We will be learning to understand the text and how to notice the authors aims for the book. The children will notice words and phrases which capture the reader’s interest and imagination.

Other ideas: Using drama (role play) film, pictures, letters and objects to stimulate the children’s imagination.


Every Tuesday and Thursday – The children will come straight in and begin working on their fast maths challenges. The questions will relate to the work being covered within their maths lessons.

On a Thursday, the children will receive maths homework which will be a set of timetables. The children will then be tested on these on a Tuesday after lunch.

During this term we will be looking at fractions, measure- time, geometry- properties of shape, Measure – mass and multiplications. I aim to keep the learning as practical as possible and ensure children are working at their best ability. Learning will be visual with the use of many resources and independence will be encouraged daily.


Our new topic is the Romans. We will be looking back through time and considering how they might have lived. Children will have the opportunity to research a soldiers life and how they survived with so many threats around the corner.


Where did the people settle during this period? Why? How has time changed the world we live in? We will be looking back at maps to explore this further.


Parts of Plants – We will be dissecting plants to see the vital parts which make them grow and reproduce. We will discuss the importance of nectar and other animals which play an important role in the survival of plants.


This term we will focus on Judasim and Islam during our R.E. lessons. We will learn when and where it was founded, explore the special places and festivals for the religions.


We will use the internet to carry out some research linked to our topic, literacy, maths and Science in Computing lessons.


We will be looking more at Spanish greetings, colours, numbers to 20 and months of the year.


Music lessons will take place every other Wednesday as we take part in Ukulele and Drums will take place every Thursday. 


Making pieces of art which directly relate to our History and English focuses.  This will include making Roman shields. The children will have this one afternoon per week on a Tuesday.

(For this they will need old clothes to paint in)


The children will continue to receive training in sports from Premier Sports. They will be learning new techniques in many sports and fitness games.

Our important dates:

P.E-  will be taking place on both a Monday afternoon and a Tuesday afternoon- Please ensure your child has their kit on both of these days. – Spelling and homework are given out every Thursday and are due back the following Tuesday. – We will also carry out Mental Maths tests every Tuesday morning.

Thank you very much for visiting our page and I hope it was helpful- Miss Croxton

Class Governor:

Our class governor is Ms Llyn