Welcome to Year 6 Rowan Class!

Class Teacher – Miss Isaure

Class Teacher Assistants – Mrs Hignett and Mr Evans

Class governor – Francis Kwateng


We hope that you had a brilliant and relaxing Christmas holiday and that you are ready for our exciting Spring term.

This term we will explore Our World focusing on Human and Physical Geography, Hinduism in RE and Hindu Art.

In Literacy, we will write legends inspired by the story book Gilmanesh the King and we will continue to investigate Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar (SPAG) rules.

In Mathematics we will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages but we will keep revisiting times tables and the four operations. We will also continue to reason and solve problems.

In Science we will look at different ways that scientists use to classify living things.

We will use Computing lessons to help us revise for SATs.

In Spanish, we learn numbers, months and days of the week and continue to carry out conversations.

P.E. lessons will be led by our coach on Friday afternoons.

Mrs Tudor will teach Drama lessons to support our Literacy skills and confidence every other Thursdays.

Our important dates:

– P.E. is on every Friday. Remember to bring your P.E. kit.

– Times tables are given out every Thursday and are due back the following Tuesday when we carry out our test. Children have their TT Rockstar login which they can use from home to practise their times tables in a very fun way.

Times tables Terminator competition every Friday morning during Celebration assembly.

– We ask every pupil to read daily at home and record their reading in their Reading Journal which will be marked weekly to check who will achieve 300 reads first!


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Thank you very much for visiting our page. We hope that you found it useful. Please feel free to come and talk to us at any time before or after school.


Madame Isaure, Mrs Hignett and Mr Evans