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We are looking forward to extending our offer in school to children on Monday. All parents were surveyed this week and those that have requested a place have been allocated one. Parents who have chosen to keep their children at home will still have access to home learning on their child’s class page.
Please find a copy of our school reopening letter for opening on Monday 22nd June HERE
There are some key things to note. It is not possible to totally eliminate the risk of Coronavirus. As a result we have put in place a ‘hierarchy of controls’ to reduce the risk:
  1. Parents are advised to keep children with symptoms at home and seek a test
  2. Staff who are symptomatic should stay at home and seek a test
  3. Frequent hand cleaning and good respiratory practice
  4. Regular cleaning of setting
  5. Minimising contact & mixing

In order to support our cleaning process we will be closing school as previously advised, on a Wednesday afternoon (timings vary to reduce traffic on the playground and around school). We also ask that if you have two or more children attending school in different year groups, you bring both children at the latest start time and collect at the earliest pick up time. This is to ensure that cleaners have access to classrooms at their scheduled time.

School Meals

I previously communicated that we would be serving packed lunches to be eaten in classrooms. Our catering provider has now broadened their offer which can be viewed HERE

Meals will be served in disposable packaging. Packed lunches coming in from home must also be in disposable packaging. Sandwiches boxes and bags are not permitted.

All children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to a free school lunch under the universal free school meals offer. A number of children across school will be entitled to free school meals if their parent/s are in receipt of certain benefits. Therefore children attending education from Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 will be served a school meal (unless parents choose otherwise). Children attending education in Years 3 – 6, who are entitled to free school meals will also be served a lunch.  Children who are not entitled to either universal free school meals or free school meals (benefits related), may purchase a lunch via ParentPay. All children can bring in their own packed lunch should they prefer.

Children who are entitled to a free school meals (benefits related only), who are not in attendance in education or childcare are still entitled to collect a food hamper on a Monday. As we are having less and less people coming to collect these hampers, we decided and communicated a few weeks ago that parents should call the school office to order their hamper by 3pm on a Wednesday, for collection the following Monday. Collection will be via WASPS gate, from the kitchen door.

Further information about the return to school

  • Only one adult should accompany their child/ children to school. If there are two children or more, only one adult will be allowed onto school premises.
  • No bikes and scooters on site.
  • We have painted markers from the school gates to the classrooms and have allocated your child a gate to use on their return to school letter. Staff will be on the playground and gates to direct you. Please respect their requests.
  • Timings for each year group can be found within the letter above.

We are hoping to be spending lots of time outdoors. When in classrooms the windows and doors will remain open where possible to ensure good ventilation. It could therefore be hot and sunny outside, but fairly cool inside the classroom. Please provide your child with suitable layers. Children should come in clean clothes daily. This does not include their coat. Children may bring a sun hat which will be left under their desk when inside. Parents should ensure that children have had sun cream applied before coming to school. Should parents wish to send their child with a bottle of sun cream, this will remain under the child’s desk and the child should be able to apply this themselves. Staff are not permitted to apply sun cream. Children should also bring a water bottle which can be refilled in the classroom during the day.

Please respect our request and do not bring ANY other personal belongings from home to school. We are trying to limit the number of surfaces that the virus could be present on in order to keep your child safe.

Celebration Assembly

Celebration assembly will take place on a Friday at 13:45 via Zoom. We will be awarding a school learner of the week and home learner of the week for each bubble/ year group. Thank you to all parents who have supplied their email address. We will send you a link to celebration assembly which can be used every week should you wish to attend from home. Children learning at home will also be welcome to attend. Bubble leaders will send a text out on a Wednesday if your child is going to be highlighted for an award. Unfortunately we will not be able to send certificates home during this time.

School Books

If your child is returning to school on Monday, they should return with their reading books from school. Children’s own books from home will not be allowed to be brought into school. We have a safe system for changing reading books in school where the books will be quarantined for one week before another child can select that book.

Home Learning

‘Schools & colleges should use their best endeavours to support pupils attending as well as those remaining at home’. Department for Education

Learning for children at home will continue on your child’s class page. Teachers may wish to upload this weekly rather than daily as they will also be teaching in school. Teachers will direct learning through their class page but will use many of the government funded resources such as The Oak National Academy lessons and BBC Bitesize.
For all year groups, for those who do not have internet access, learning packs are available for collection by telephoning the school office. We will let you know when to come to collect. Please press the buzzer and stand back. A member of staff will the place the pack on the table outside the main entrance.
We are very excited to see some of our wonderful children and families return to school under this extended offer. I understand that parents and children will have anxieties (and rightly so). We have carefully planned and put extensive measures in place to reduce the risk of returning to school. Bubbles will have the opportunity to meet each other (supervised by teachers) on Zoom.
Staff will be very mindful of children mental health and wellbeing upon their return to school and many activities have been planned for each week to support this. Year 6 will be working on transition to high school in July.
Please see the two documents below for further support.

Mrs L Roberts

Acting Headteacher


If you are concerned about yourself or another family Please click HERE for the local authority early help support.





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