As we enter into a period of being at home, please give consideration to excercise. Being active can improve your physical health, help manage stress and anxiety and just generally make you feel better. Please find some advice from Sport England that will help support both children and adults to stay fit.

At The Oaks Community Primary School our physical education sessions are delivered primarily through Vara Sports. The company provide PE sessions that are progressional for our children not only as they move through school but also as the school year progresses. This is supported through our scheme of work ‘Complete PE’. We have a highly trained coach who teaches the lessons and also provides professional development for staff. At present he also offers before and after school clubs 5 nights a week and they structured games at lunch times daily. 

The children have also received a range of sporting sessions delivered by The Oaks Schools Sports Partnership including Curling and Sports Leader Training and Progressive Sports who have been in school to work alongside the children in Year 2 and Year 5.

All of our Key Stage Two children benefit from swimming lessons at our local swimming pool at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village. Children attend lessons on a Friday afternoon and these are delivered by training swimming instructors at the centre. As we recognise the importance of being able to swim, children who can not swim unaided by the end of their year groups sessions attend additional swimming lessons.

Academic Year of Year 6


No. of Children in the cohort Children who accessed additional swimming  Total Number of children who could complete 25m of unaided swimming (inc additional sessions) Total Number of Children who can use a range of strokes effectively Total Number of children who can perform safe self – rescue in different water based situations
2016/17 15 27% (4 children) 87% (13 children) 80% (12 children) 80% (12 children)
2017/18 20 15% (3 children) 85% (17 children) 80% (16 children) 75% (15 children)
2018/19 21 38% (8 children) 90% (19 children) 90% (19 children) 90% (19 children)
2019/20 18 0% ( 0 children due to Covid 19) 67% (12 children) 61% (11 children) 61% (11 children)
2020/21 26 0% (0 children due to Covid 19)  35% (9 children )  89% (23 children) 12% (3 children)


PE and Sports Funding 2018/2019 PE and Sports grant funding, which is in addition to the main school funding, is allocated by the Department for Education to improve the quality of PE and sporting activities offered to pupils. For more details regarding this please view the Sports Premium page of the website.Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium 2020-21.docx

Sports Premium Strategy 2020 – 2021

Sports Premium Strategy 2019 – 2020

Sports Premium Strategy 2018 – 2019

Sports Premium Strategy 2017 – 2018

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