Promoting and building  every child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and education is fundamental to the heart of the school. We develop SMSC through:
– Our art curriculum – pupils study a diverse range of artists, develop expression through art and engage in art therapy activities.
– Regular teaching of RE – pupils study a range of different faiths and cultures studying the Cheshire RE syllabus.
– Circle time – circle time reinforces expectations and school rules and engages pupils in activities to promote their SMSC, acceptance and understanding
– Our inclusive, nurturing ethos embedded in the school every day through the rapport our teachers have with pupils and through the way teachers care for our pupils and know them by name and nature

Linked to SMSC, we at The Oaks promotes fundamental British Values through our curriculum, British Values House Point system and weekly dedicated Values based activity and curriculum project weeks. The British Values House point system rewards pupils for demonstrating British Values through their words and actions, and supports the school in their building of pupils to be respectful, tolerant and courteous individuals.

Please follow the link to find the agreed syllabus documents:


SMSC Policy 2018