At The Oaks, we think it is imperative that during this tricky and unusual time we provide as much information and support to our families as we are physically able to do.

What do we do for Health and Wellbeing as a whole school?

As a whole staff, we ask the children to participate and attend two weekly zoom assembly at 9am on Monday and Friday. We know how important face-to-face contact is between; teachers and children, friends and families, and the whole oaks community. During these assemblies, Mrs Roberts is able to lead us in focuses each week, for example, how to keep our bodies active during lockdown.

In addition to the weekly assemblies, the children are given opportunities to participate in whole school initiatives that allow them to continue to feel part of the school community. Since Christmas, this has included a whole school avatar creation competition and our school wave handprints.

All children, who are a part of our school, are also contacted by their teacher or a teaching assistant each week to check that they are ok and they do not need anything additional at home. This is in addition to teachers communicating with all the children via their online learning platform.

What do we do for Health and Wellbeing as a class?

As teachers, we continue to provide access to our online PE lessons with our outside provider, Vara Sports, whilst also providing links to daily exercise, for example, children’s yoga online. Each class also has the opportunity to complete well-being activities through PSHE and other curriculum lessons which are set by the teacher.

Additional Support

Through our close family support within school, we have identified the key issues that Free Children Of The World Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Libraryour families may be finding tricky at the moment. Mrs Roberts, our pastoral manager, has created a clear and effective plan for children who may need additional well-being support. This includes additional one-to-one ELSA sessions, personalised support groups and the organisation of class well-being videos. If you need additional support and would like to contact Mrs Roberts, please email

What can we do at home?

At The Oaks, we all know the benefits of keeping our bodies fit and healthy, but how do we look after our mental wellbeing?

We believe that nurturing our emotional wellbeing is just as important as promoting our physical health because when combined, we are able to lead happy and fullfilled lives. As a school, it is our role to support children in becoming resilient learners and to equip them with the skills and strategies necessary to overcome challenges whilst maintaining positive attitudes.

There a lots of different ways we can keep our minds healthy. Like in our diet, it’s important to do a range of activities including taking time out to relax and just think.

The Healthy Mind Platter is a visual representation of what a mentally healthy day looks like. These seven daily activities make up the full set of ‘mental nutrients’ that your brain needs to function at it’s best. By engaging every day in each of these servings and ensuring you have a balanced ‘diet’ it will help to keep our mind healthy and ready for anything.