At The Oaks, we believe that parents and carers play a vital role in helping their children to achieve success throughout school.

The maths work that your child does within school could look a lot different to the kind of work you remember learning when you were at school. Therefore, we have put in some handy parent links to help support you at home.

Helping your child with Primary Maths

Watch Dr Yeaps talk through the different fundamental parts of maths- Parent Guides

White Rose Maths have released some short, informative videos to help with the methods that we teach in school. The links are here. If you have any questions about these, feel free to email your class teacher or email Mrs Wilkinson.

Lots of your children may also love ‘Numberblocks’. These are available to watch here:

Along with Numberblocks, the NCETM have created powerpoint for parents/carers to help with activities to go with each episode.

Series 1

Series 1 Episode 7

Series 1 Episode 8

Series 1 Episode 9

Series 1 Episode 10

Series 1 Episode 11

Series 1 Episode 12

Series 1 Episode 13

Series 1 Episode 14

Series 1 Episode 15

Series 2

Series 2 Episode 1

Series 2 Episode 2

Series 2 Episode 3

Series 2 Episode 4

Series 2 Episode 5