Year 2 – Beech

Happy New Year Beech families. I hope you enjoyed a restful and relaxing break from school. We are now ready to jump into Spring term. Please have a read below for what we will cover across the curriculum this term.

Reading – as always, reading remains a crucial part of our curriculum. Children should read at home every single day. If this presents a problem, please come and see me as a matter of urgency. Reading at home allows you to support your child in accessing every element of their school curriculum. Don’t forget, write every read in their record and keep track. When your child reaches 50 reads they choose a brand new free book to keep and enjoy forever. 

Homework is now set on Google classroom – please check the stream for updates. If you have any questions please let me know. 

Welcome to Beech, we are now the ‘golden oldies’ of our corridor as we enter our final year of Key Stage One. Our class team is made up of myself (Miss McIntosh), Mrs Kacirova and Miss Murphy. We are delighted to be working with year two this year, below you will see an outline of our curriculum this half term. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, one of us will always be at the door in the mornings and afternoons.


In Maths we will be introducing multiplication and division. We will look at groups and how we can repeat addition to add equal groups of the same amount. We will learn how to share a whole number into equal groups. We will also make links with multiplication and our knowledge of counting in steps of 2, 5, 10 and then 3. At home, using Numbots and practising counting in steps will really support your child to consolidate their understanding of number and the number system. Mastery of these skills is such an important element of Maths.


Our English writing unit this half term is based on the text ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis. The children will write a narrative tale about finding something and also a set of instructions. Children are expected to now be reliably using all the punctuation they have been taught so far. Children should also be gaining confidence in adding adjectives to provide detail and description. Instructional writing will teach children how to lay out writing clearly and use verbs to instruct.

At home, practising spellings and handwriting is an excellent way to support your child in improving their writing. Many children enjoy writing stories at home and playing school, this is a great way to help their understanding.


In Science, we will be investigating living things and their habitats. We will be learning about animals and what they need in order to survive. You can extend this learning at home by exploring outdoor spaces such as the woods or a garden, searching for animal and insect habitats. You could make a habitat suitable for any outdoor space you have.


PE is on Tuesday and Thursday with Mr Evans. Children should wear their kit to school. Please prepare for cold weather as we will continue to use the outdoors whenever possible.

Curriculum –

Why would a wild animal not make a good pet? 

As geographers we will be exploring and comparing local environments, using our prior learning about physical features to help. We will begin to use maps and aerial images to discover areas and habitats.


In religious education we begin to look at Christianity. We will be finding answers to the question “Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?”


Reading – 10 minutes every night.

Spellings books – please learn highlighted spellings, 5 minutes Mon, Wed, Fri

Maths – Numbots 5 minutes Tues, Thurs

Homework is highlighted weekly on Google classroom for additional pieces.


Logins are kept in the front cover of your child’s yellow reading record. Please send this record and their reading to book to school each day in their bookbag.