Welcome to Year 3 Chestnut Class!

Class Teacher – Miss McIntosh

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Hignett and Mr Bazley

Our class governor – Elaine Speakman-Davies


Welcome to Chestnut class, our Key Stage Two journey begins here!


We will be begin with a unit on poetry and the changing seasons. Then we will share the text ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann which brings together our social justice project from last year and this year’s whole school project ‘One World’. We will focus on breaking the story down, understanding the characters and their actions and retelling the story before we innovate with our own exciting ideas. We will need to use our writing skills from last year, using expanded noun phrases to add description to our writing and we will now learn how to include speech using the correct punctuation.


In Maths we will begin by refreshing our knowledge of place value from last year and then introduce working with hundreds (H), tens (T) and ones (O). We will compare and order three digit numbers and place numbers up to 1000 on a number line. Count in steps of 4, 8, 50 and 100. Continue to learn times tables 2, 3, 5 and 10 off by heart. We will also begin our addition and subtraction unit.



In Science we will be learning about Forces and Magnets. We will be learning about how magnets attract and repel, understanding how things move and which forces (push or pull) are being applied. We will be enhancing our skills as scientists carrying out experiments, collecting and recording data.


Mr Hooper will be teaching us to play the Djembe African drum on Thursday afternoons.

PE + Art

Monday afternoons, kit must be named. Please send an old oversized t-shirt to protect uniform.


Whole School Curriculum Project ‘One World’

We will be developing our geography, history and computing skills to learn how best to love our world, focussing in year three on conservation.



Maths – Tuesday (bring back by Friday)

Spelling – Friday (bring back by Tuesday)