Mrs S Price 

Senior Teacher and SENCO

Mrs R Hignett 

Teaching Assistant 


Summer Two 

Home Learning

Our home learning is updated daily on Google Classroom, please speak to Mrs Price to get access.

We hope you have had a lovely half term and are ready to be back in the classroom! 

Year 3 Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Year 3 Summer 2 Curriculum Flyer


We will continue to teach the children to read through whole class Steps to Read sessions. This will focus on several quality texts and they will be a mixture of genres from poetry to plays. We will use this to incorporate some drama into our reading sessions. We will teach all aspects of word reading and comprehension through high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. During this time some pupils will access ReadingWise, this will boost their decoding skills and comprehension. 

Some children will access daily phonics sessions using Read Write Inc. Children that don’t access RWI will have handwriting and spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons this will consolidate learning that takes place during the English lesson. 

Read Write Inc – Parent guide

Read Write Inc – How to say the sounds.

The children will also have access to Accelerated Reader and MyOn, two online learning platforms which will support their home learning. They will also have access to these within the classroom. Mrs Hignett will also complete BRP reading with some children. 


In our writing we will be using the vehicle text ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne in our Read to Write lessons. The vehicle text comprehensively links with Year 3 and the National Curriculum objectives that will be taught. With its beautiful illustrations, this book will encourage the children to engage in a variety of book talk activities and make links to other traditional tales. The children will then write their own lost narratives and a newspaper report about the discovery of a missing character from the story.


During the Summer term we will be focusing on our recover curriculum following lockdown. The children will recap prior learning and consolidate this though problem solving and reasoning. As a class we will continue to use a mastery approach and embed maths concepts in order to ensure that the class are able mathematicians. The children will have access to Mathletics and TTRockstar to support home learning and their basic fluency. 

For parents math guidance, please click here to be redirected to a page on the school website.


In this unit the children will explore what plants need to grow well. They will compare how plants grow in different soils and explore how fertilisers can be used to improve growth. Children will investigate the amount of water needed to help a leafy pot plant grow well. They will also investigate how space affects plant growth by comparing how well grass seeds grow with more or less space. They will use what they have learned to grow a mystery plant from seed. The class will use the results from their investigations to produce a helpful hints and tips card to describe what helps plants grow better. Please watch out for these in our classroom window!

When working scientifically, the children will set up simple comparative tests to compare the effect of soil, water, fertilisers and space on plant growth. They will use a range of equipment to measure the amount of water, soil and seeds needed in different investigations. They will make careful observations and record how their plants change over time.

Geography and History

This half term we will be looking at the big questions ‘How do plants survive in different environments?’ This big question links directly with our science work and we will be using this as an exciting opportunity to complete a lot of practical work. We will link this to geography, and we will look at plants from different countries and how they are adapted to suit their surroundings. We will also look at what plants we cannot grow in the UK and reasons for that.


On computing we will be completing the unit ‘We are network Engineers’.


In Religious Studies we will be focusing on the Rights and Responsibilities school Award.


In music will be learning to play the ukulele and read basic sheet music.


We will be taking part in Spanish day on Friday 11th June. The children can come to school in Spanish colours and they will be taking part in a variety of Spanish related activities all day! In our Spanish lessons we will be looking at picnic items and linking this to the popular story of The Gingerbread Man. 


In PE we will be focusing on athletics. Our PE lessons will be on a Wednesday afternoon. Don’t forget the children can come to school in their PE kits. If they wear tracksuit bottoms please can these be black. 


Please read with your child daily as this will really support their learning and progress.

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Useful websites

Accelerated Reader

MyOn – Reading

TTRockstars – Multiplication


Phonics Bug

If you have any questions, feel free to make an appointment or email directly. 

Mrs S Price