Autumn Term 2019


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

A very warm welcome indeed to Year 1 and to the Elm Class page! Please do visit our class page to see what we have been learning about and of course feel free to speak to me about anything regarding your child or their learning, my door is always open. Also check out our Twitter page on the website to keep you updated on all things Elm!

Miss Elson is very excited to be teaching Year 1 this academic year. Miss Elson has been at The Oaks for one year, teaching Year 3. All her previous teaching years have been spent teaching Year 1 and Year 2 classes and she is very excited to return to Year 1.

Moving from Reception to Year 1 is a big jump for many children as the routines and emphasis on whole class teaching increases. To best support our children, Elm Class will be running continuous provision throughout the first 8 weeks in Year 1, alongside small group and whole class teaching of Phonics, reading, writing, maths and science. As the term progresses, teaching input and focussed tasks will gradually increase in length.

With many thanks, Miss Elson (Teacher) Miss McLaughlin (Teaching Assistant) and Ms Bougen


During the term Year 1 will be focusing on two texts ‘Tidy’ by Emily Gravett and ‘Storm Whale’ by Benji Davis. Daily reading and writing lessons and activities will focussing on children’s ability to use and apply their phonetic knowledge confidently.


 Phonics will be taught daily throughout the year. These lessons will focus on consolidating known sounds and introducing new sounds. Children will be given chance to read, write and say new sounds and will be supported in using known sounds in reading and writing.

During June 2020, all Year 1 children will complete the national Phonics Screening Check. The check is a short assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. It will identify the children who need extra help to improve their reading skills.


Children will focus on place value and their understanding on numbers to 10. They will sort objects in different ways, count objects and learn how to find one more and one less from a number to 10. Children will learn to compare and order numbers and use a number line. Later in the term children will move on to learn addition and subtraction skills, as well as learning to recall the number bonds to 10 (e.g. 1+9, 2+8).


This term the children will be looking at materials. They will be identifying and comparing a range of different materials and their properties, before learning about floating and sinking and transparency.

Topic:  Our One World topic will be woven throughout the curriculum. The children will consider what rubbish is, what happens to our rubbish and what they can do to help take care of our world. The children will learn about recycling and will work together to build a greenhouse using recycled plastic bottles.


Following on from Reception, we will be continuing our P.E lessons

 Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit with them every Friday and could you also ensure that their name is on every item of their kit- many thanks.

Please read with your child every night as it fuels the mind and imagination! Reading records must be filled in every time you have read with your child and these will be checked on a daily basis. Reading books will be changed twice a week. Children will also receive a phonics homework every Friday. Thank you very much for visiting our class page!