Hello everyone and welcome to Year 1, Elm Class!

We are looking forward to a fantastic half term ahead at lots of new learning opportunities across our curriculum, but also many moments to look after our physical and mental health.

This half term, we will continue to improve our independence and behaviour for learning through both indoor and outdoor provision. As a class we will be developing creative and exploration skills and strengthening a ‘can do’ attitude – all whilst having lots of fun and learning fantastic new facts!

Click here for our Year One Curriculum map 2021!


For Spring Term Two, we will be looking at the text “Where the Wild Things Are” and furthering our understanding of portal stories! As a class, we are going to focus on broadening our vocabulary, joining simple sentences and editing our work.


Phonics will continue to be taught daily through sessions every morning. This helps you to remember, learn, practise and apply their phonetic knowledge. We will be recapping some sounds previously learned and practising recognising, reading and writing these within words and short sentences. The aim is to gain confidence in being able to blend the sounds in words independently and reading high frequency words consistently, all whilst having fun!


Reading is always a huge focus and is fundamental to learning in every subject. This half term, we will be focusing on short, daily reading sessions with Mrs Wilkinson . Please make sure you read on Bug Club everyday and then go on myon for your ‘reading for pleasure’. Please fill in the Reading Log each time you read and let us know the stories you love!


This half term, we will begin continue numbers within 50. As a class, we will partition numbers for place value and learn addition and subtraction methods that we are able to recall but with problems and on their own. Make sure you continue with Mathletics and keep practising your fluency with Numbots!

Outdoor Learning

It’s really important to have time outside in order for our brain to keep healthy. It’s also key that we don’t spend too much time looking at a screen. Even though we are working hard to vary your activities every single day, here are some fun outdoor opportunities that you can choose to do. Don’t forget to add it to Class Dojo and it can also be popped on twitter to celebrate!

  • Be artists and use chalk to draw beautiful pictures on the floor.
  • Use the chalk to draw and play hopscotch.
  • As it’s Spring, why not plant some flower seeds and watch them grow!
  • You can use almost anything to grow flowers in, as long as there are a few holes for drainage- the sky is the limit. For example, old food tins that you can paint. You can also do this with normal plastic or clay pots.
  • There’s nothing more satisfying than eating your own, home grown fruit and veg. If you don’t have room in the garden for a vegetable patch, try using containers. Seeds can be bought from many supermarkets and Amazon.
  • Do you have a fairy family living in your garden? Why not make them a cosy house and garden to enjoy? All you need is a small space, some foraging or recycling and seeds. Perfect for tiny friends…


  • Could you even make a swing for your fairies or garden monsters? Or practise your handwriting by making them some sign posts?
  • Be a scientist and observe the nature in your garden or a the local park.
    • Make binoculars out of toilet rolls and then record what you find on a checklist or even a tally chart. You could take it one step further by creating a block graph or pictogram.
  • Sometimes nature is best observed up close.
    • Dig a whole (ask an adult where first!) and spread the contents on some paper or a bin liner. What have you found?
    • Artists often use nature as their inspiration. This can be on a small or large scale. Try drawing or painting a picture of a flower up close, making sure to take note of all the details. Isn’t it beautiful!
    • Make stencil rubbings of leaves, flowers or trunks of trees. See how they’re all different?
  • Materials found outside such as, leaves, twigs, flowers, stones and bark can be used to make pictures themselves. You don’t need to stick them to anything, just create a picture on the grass or a flat surface. Then use the same materials again to make another one!
  • Make a den, grab a book and off you go on a new adventure!
  • Like writing your own stories? Who doesn’t?! Find stones outside and make them into story stones. Each stone is a different part of the story. When put together, you can tell the story to your grown up or sibling.
  • Create a Spring wreath using foraged materials from your garden.
  • Make a homemade windchime from recycled materials.
  • A favourite of many children and adults is having a teddy bear’s picnic! Whatever the weather – teddy bear’s don’t mind the cold.
  • Set up a classroom outside and complete tasks from your Home Learning packs.

Useful Websites

Accelerated Reader


Phonics Bug

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Home learning

Our home learning is on Class Dojo. If you are finding it tricky to gain access, then please speak to Mrs Wilkinson to gain access. For more parent information, watch this video:


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