Wednesday 1st April 2020

Phonics: are – care and share

Maths: Learn to do a Hand Jive whilst counting in “2’s”.

5 actions:

  1. open right hand palm up
  2. open left hand palm up
  3. touch left shoulder with right hand
  4. touch right shoulder with left hand
  5. both hands on head.

Practise to get the rhythm then discuss these questions

Where will your hands be when we say 10?

Where will your hands be when we say 14?

Where will your hands be when we say 26?

Where will your hands be when we say 50?

Where will your hands be when we say 38?

Tell me about the numbers you say when you have your left hand on your right shoulder.

Now teach your hand jive to someone else in your house or through facetime.

We would love to see photos and videos of you completing these practical activities – just upload them to Twitter using our class handle @TheOaksCPElm

Additional: Rows of roses, Lots of bugs

Rows of roses Maths

Lots of bugs Maths

English: The smooth round stones in our story had an extraordinary effect on the townspeople. Discuss the following questions: Do you think that the stones really did have extraordinary powers? What do you think happened to them at the end of the feast?

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had? Where was it? Who cooked it? Who shared it with you? Why was it so special?

Use the letters ‘FOOD’ to write acrostic poems. In these little poems, the first letters of each line spell out the word FOOD. Maybe one of your poems could be about healthy food and one about unhealthy food. Or just write a simple list using the first letters of the word FOOD.


Fatty burgers and fried chips.

Or sweet sugary drinks and sugar

On buttery cakes and creamy buns.

Don’t eat that stuff!


Friendly faces around the table.

Others arrive for the feast.

Our favourite dinner will be ready soon.



Five portions of fruit every day.

Or good green vegetables with every meal.

Occasional meat and fish, if you like –

Diet for a healthy life!






Nelson Spelling book: page 16-17 ‘air ear are’


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Phonics: ur – nurse with a purse

Maths: Practice your hand jives for counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Play a Multiple Music game. Children count to 50 and tap shoulders on multiples of 2. Then add in a jump on multiples of 5, then a stamp on multiples of 10. Count on or back from 0 – 100. (Start with counting in twos to 30, 50 etc. Then combine 2’s and 10’s. Then do 5’s and 10’s and so on.) We would love to see photos and videos of you completing these practical activities – just upload them to Twitter using our class handle @TheOaksCPElm

Additional: Solving supermarket problems

Solving supermarket problems Maths

English: We are going to write our own versions of Stone Soup. The characters and problem will stay the same, but the ingredients need to change. What ingredient will your villager use instead of a stone? What other ingredients will be needed to make the soup?

Write a list of the new ingredients for your soup. Now write a word to describe each of the ingredients.


Nails sharp

Sausages sizzling

Milk creamy

Oranges juicy

Onions red

Nelson Spelling book: page 18-19 ‘oo’


Friday 3rd April 2020

Phonics: er – better letter

Maths: Have fun today designing and making your own board game. Perhaps you could use a theme like space in a similar style to Snakes and Ladders – if you land on a multiple of 2/a shooting star you move up, if you land on a multiple of 10/a black hole you move down. You could add challenge cards with maths questions or a spinner that only counts in multiples of 2, 5 or 10. Play the game with those in your house and share it with friends over facetime.

We would love to see photos and videos of your finished game – just upload them to Twitter using our class handle @TheOaksCPElm

English: Using the same planning circles as Monday 30th March, draw pictures for your own story, including your new ingredients for soup. Use your planning circles to tell your story. Write interesting word choices around your pictures to support your story writing after the Easter holiday.

  • Traveller arrives
  • Traveller has a problem
  • Traveller has a plan (making soup)
  • Traveller and villagers work together
  • Traveller and villagers are happy

Nelson Spelling book: page 20-21 ‘Days of the week’


Optional additional Maths:

Toucan 2s Maths

Fearsome 5s Maths

Tenpin 10s Maths


Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

During this time of home learning, Miss Elson will set out daily learning and linked work tasks for Phonics, Maths and English here on the class website page. This information will also be sent out by text message for those who do not have internet access. Please only complete the pages of work in the home learning pack that are set on that day, as every child will be given the same tasks.

Daily phonics lessons will be uploaded here and a link will be uploaded to twitter. Please ensure you are accessing this daily.

If you find yourself in isolation, this would be an excellent opportunity for your child to learn new skills for example tying shoe laces, clicking your fingers, whistling, independently fastening their coat/buttons.

As well as the work provided, your child has logins to various online resources which can help and support their learning. Details of these are below and logins can be located on the back of your child’s timetable, in their reading record and on their Bug Club bookmark.

Currently we do not know how long school will remain closed but we hope be back to normal soon, depending on when the government lift School restrictions.

May I take the opportunity to wish you all well and I look forward to seeing you all healthy and happy very soon!

Many thanks

Miss H Elson


Mathletics; when you login you can access different areas of learning and there are various activities linked to that specific area.

Bug Club; your child can access a wide range of books that are at your child’s reading level. They can read for pleasure and then take fun quizzes to earn rewards.

Reading Wise; this is a phonics resource that will help recap and embed phonics sounds they have been taught. It also helps children to blend sounds and support reading.


In English the children will be focusing on ‘Stone Soup’ retold by Julia Damassa. The children will be developing their understanding of traditional tales and story language and using this to write their own traditional tales and instruction texts.

Suggestions of activities and tasks to be completed in the home learning pack will be uploaded here daily.


Please continue to read daily with your child. This can be their school reading book, books from home and using their Bug Club login. Encourage your child to read known words without sounding them out and, when needed, to sound out words in their head then read aloud (known as ‘Fred in your head’).


Two Phonics lessons will be uploaded here daily. Each of these lessons follows the known Read Write Inc. format, using ‘My Turn, Your Turn’ and children should be encouraged to join in verbally. After watching each video, children must locate the pages for the sound in both of their phonics booklets. Using these pages children will read both real and nonsense words containing the sound.

Children can then login to Reading Wise and continue their phonics reading. This will support the progress of their reading, which is a whole school focus for this school year.

Please continue to use your phonics flash cards. There are some good games available at


The children will complete the measuring unit by measuring weight and volume. They will then use this in problem solving.

Suggestions of practical activities and pages to complete in the home learning pack will be uploaded here daily.

Please support your child’s maths knowledge by counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.  Encourage your child to count forwards and backwards from any number in 1s, including across 100 and to read and write numbers to 100 in numerals.


It is important that children remain active during this time. This could include going for a walk, riding a bike, skipping, throwing and catching, Just Dance and yoga for kids. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks has announced he will host daily, live PE lessons on his YouTube at 9am.