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Our homework will be announced on Google Classroom every Friday and is to be completed and returned on the following Wednesday, please speak to Ms Millington to get access.

Year Six Curriculum map:Year Six Curriculum-overview- Summer One Curriculum map Summer One

Dates for the diary:

SATS week: Monday 13th May – Thursday 16th May 2024

Monday 13th May – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (45 minutes). Spelling Test (20 minutes)

Tuesday 14th May – Reading (60 minutes)

Wednesday 15th May – Maths Paper One –  Arithmetic (30 minutes)/ Maths Paper Two – Reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 16th May – Maths Paper Three – Reasoning (40 minutes)

Conway Residential – Monday 20th May – Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Welcome to our class home page for our Year Six pupils, parents and carers. We hope you had a relaxing break and are ready for our Summer Term together at The Oaks Community Primary School. As you can see from above, we have school trips alongside fantastic daily  teaching and learning. Our pupils will complete many  successful learning outcomes, sharing activities with our community  and continue to be ready to learn, respectful and responsible to all within our school community.  We are  looking forward to teaching and learning with you during this term  together at The Oaks Community Primary School. During this half term, we will be continuing to develop our learning skills which will include: building your independence, exploration and inquiry skills to complete learning activities to our expected high standards and deepening our class philosophy of ‘I am, I have, I can’.


Over this term we will be using a variety of rich texts across the curriculum in writing and these will be used as a deep dive – linking our reading activities and written work across the curriculum. This will begin with a Read to Write unit titled – Shackleton’s Journey written by William Grill.

The writing outcomes will be achieved through writing an endurance narrative and a magazine article.

Further to this cross curricular learning opportunities will be within our Steps to Read activities. This will give pupils the opportunity to increase vocabulary, learn strategies and skills within the curriculum driver Geography with a focus on Coasts.

Please support your child to ‘Strive for 5’ by listening and encouraging your child to read.

Our Steps to Read programme will support all areas of the English, Reading curriculum. This will give pupils the opportunity to increase vocabulary, learn strategies and skills and exploration, discussion and enhance their use of reading strategies.


Please support your child to ‘Strive for 5’ by listening and encouraging your child to read.

Alongside our shared read, pupils will have access to  a selection of reading opportunities provided daily in our ‘Strive for Five’, this will include our class book, poetry and Accelerated Reader.

   Please support your child to ‘Strive for 5’ by listening and encouraging your child to read five times a week.

Your support is appreciated to enhance and deepen your child’s learning across the curriculum.




During this half term, we will connect our learning through each daily sequential lesson Units of learning include: decimals, fractions and percentages and area and perimeter. The activities will include problem solving, reasoning and reflection through a range of context. The approach will follow the Maths policy using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

Over this half term we continue to build fluency skills and there will be a focus on Number and Place Value, Number facts and Multiplication and Division.

We will continue to enhance our rapid recall of arithmetic questions across the KS2 curriculum.



.Curriculum question explores Geographical comparisons: UK, Europe and The Americas. During Summer One, pupils will extend their geographical knowledge by researching, comparing and contrasting these regions across the world. This will be achieved through inquiry and interrogating evidence.





Our big question this term is focused on Living things and their Habitats.

During these lessons pupils will extend their knowledge of how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals and give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics.

Activities will include: identifying scientific evidence, debate, identifying the advantage/disadvantage of certain habits and choices we make. We will also be using Science throughout the curriculum within our Geography, English and Art activities.






In computing, we are going to continue our knowledge and capabilities using digital devices. This will include collecting information and media  from a range of sources, use online tools to create and share presentations and films and the effectiveness of their own work and others.

Religious Education

During this term, pupils will deepen their understanding of the world we live in. Our school aims will be highlighted when we enquire and debate ‘What is the Kingdom of God?’ During this term pupils will have opportunities to link their learning to themselves, family, school and community.




Music and Me is the first in a series of units focusing on inspirational women working in music, and part of Brighter Sound’s pioneering gender equality initiative Both Sides Now.

Physical Education

In the Summer term, pupils will have P.E each week on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child arrives to school in their P.E kit.



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Useful websites

Accelerated Reader

Doodle Maths and English

If you have any questions, feel free to make an appointment or email either Mr Potter or Ms Millington directly.

Mr S Potter

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