Welcome to Year 5 Sycamore Class!


Class Teacher – Mrs Jeffs and Miss Taylor

Class Teaching Assistant – Miss McGuinness

We hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas break and look forward to the Spring Term. Please visit our page to keep up to date with our learning and to see our learning in action, visit our class twitter feed!

Spring Overview


Spring One is called ‘Where We Once Stood’ and Our text for will focus on the moon landing in 1969, which links nicely to our topic on Space. We will firstly start by looking at a range of different texts to help us gain a deeper understanding into the moon landing as well as some poetry work, before moving on to writing our own exploration narratives about the landing. This will then lead us on to our non fiction work where we will be writing our own formal reports.This term we will look at degrees of possibility using modal verbs, understand the difference between structures typical with formal and informal speech, link ideas using paragraphs, using adverbials and using dashes and brackets for parenthesis.


We will continue with separate sessions focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar in the afternoon using a scheme called ‘No Nonsense Spellings’. This term we will revise apostrophes for possession, using spelling journals for etymology and practice statutory spelling list, word endings such as -ably and -ibly and homophones.


Our texts for Talk for Reading this half term will be Leon and the place between and The Wonder. We will be following a 3 week cycle looking at different aspects including basic reading and fluency, questioning and drama. Accelerated reader will be used in the afternoon within guided reading to support in the progress of comprehension. Reading/Phonic interventions will also be taking place outside of class to support those children that need it.


In Maths we will begin this term with multiplying up to a 4 digit number by a 1 or 2 digit number using the formal written method including long multiplication for 2 digits. We will then look at dividing numbers up to 4 digits by a 1 digit using the formal written method as well as looking at dividing with remainders.

This will then be followed by our unit on fractions, which will begin with looking at comparing and ordering fractions and identifying, naming and writing equivalent fractions.

We will continuously be working on our times tables daily. This will be done through a range of activities, games, lesson starters and class songs. Times tables will also be sent home to practice each Thursday and must be returned the following Tuesday.


Our unit this half term is ‘Earth and Space’, where we will be exploring the movement of Earth and other planets in our solar system.We will also look at the Earths rotation and try and use this to help us explain day and night.


Our key question this half term is ‘Will we ever send another human to the moon?’ We will be looking significant events that have taken place in space and trying to order these. As well as looking at naming all of the different planets, how they are all different and if it would be possible to live on another planet.


Maths times tables homework goes out every Thursday and is expected in the following Tuesday.

Please read every night if possible!

Our PE session will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and will be lead by Tommy (KABS).

Swimming will continue for the start of Spring One and will be on a Friday afternoon.

Thank you very much for visiting our page and please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any questions.


      Mrs Jeffs and Miss Taylor