Welcome to Willow Class with Miss H Kennedy (Class teacher)
Teaching Assistant – Ms R Martin, Miss E Taylor and Mrs S Wright
Class Governor – Mrs J Lyon 
Contact Email: heather.kennedy@theoaks.cheshire.sch.uk
Please feel free to email should you require any further assistance or support with the home learning.
Home Learning – Week Beginning Monday 13th July 2020
Please feel free to upload a picture of your learning to the school or class twitter page (@TheOaksCP or @TheOaksCPWillow).
Welcome to our last week of the school year! In school this week we will be reflecting on our last year as part of Willow class so the home learning activities will reflect this as well. Please feel free to include lots of play, and other fun and outdoor activities as part of your daily routines. All of the links to other online resources are still posted below should you wish to access any other activities.


Monday 13th July 2020: Please have a think about your favourite part of Reception. Draw a picture of some of your favourite activities we have done together this year. Label your pictures and explain what is happening by writing in full sentences.


Tuesday 14th July 2020: Mrs Henshall and Miss Taylor have asked you to help them design your new classroom. Draw a map of how you think the classroom should look. Label each area such as writing, maths, creative, role play etc. What resources will you need?


Wednesday 15th July 2020: Write a list of things you would like to learn about in Year One. This could be space or animals or plants. Why do you want to learn about these topics? Explain why by writing in full sentences.


Thursday 16th July 2020: Write a letter to Miss Kennedy or Miss Martin about how much you have enjoyed Reception. Tell them about your favourite parts. What have you got better at? Which trip was your favourite? What activities did you enjoy the most? What was your favourite story we read together?


Friday 17th July 2020: Write a card to the new Reception children to explain to them what being in Reception class will be like. Tell them about how the day goes. What happens at lunch time? What lessons will they do? What games are the best to play?


For additional materials please refer to the paper pack of home learning and also use the following websites: