Welcome to Willow Class with Miss H Kennedy (Class teacher)
Teaching Assistant – Ms R Martin, Miss E Taylor and Mrs S Wright
Class Governor – Mrs J Lyon 
Contact Email: heather.kennedy@theoaks.cheshire.sch.uk
Please feel free to email should you require any further assistance or support with the home learning.
Please practice learning You’ve Got A Friend In Me – From Toy Story for when we return to school. There is a link below for the video with lyrics on YouTube.
Home Learning – Week Beginning Monday 1st June 2020
Hello Reception class! Welcome to the summer term of this academic year! Home learning this week will look a little different. Below I am going to list a variety of different activities for you to attempt. Feel free to complete these in any order over the course of the week. Continue to work through the paper based home learning packs should you wish to. Also, please remember to continue to access the online resources available which will be listed below as well.
Please feel free to upload a picture of your learning to the school or class twitter page (@TheOaksCP or @TheOaksCPWillow).
Suggested Activities: Please select between 3 and 5 activities to complete each day. Each task should take no longer than 30 minutes. Spend the rest of the day following your child’s interests, encouraging them to write, draw or talk about something that intrigues them. Ensure that you allow some time during the day for free play, and encourage them to play outdoors as well.
  • Please continue to review Set 1 phonics sounds with your child daily (M A S D T  N P G O C K U B F E L H SH R J V Y W TH Z CH QU X NG NK). Practice letter formation for each sound, reading each sound, reading words and phrases containing each sound and writing words and phrases containing each sound.
  • Encourage your child to make up a dance routine to one of their favourite songs and perform the routine to members of the family.
  • Ask your child to write a list of things they would like to learn more about when they return to school e.g. space, flowers, jungle animals, under the sea etc.
  • Practice singing nursery rhymes each day.
  • Please continue to review Set 2 phonics sounds with your child daily (AY EE IGH OW OO OO AR OR AIR IR OU OY). Practice letter formation for each sound, reading each sound, reading words and phrases containing each sound and writing words and phrases containing each sound.
  • Ordering numbers 0 to 20.
  • Help a grown up cook or bake something in the kitchen. How can we do this safely? What do we need to do or wear to protect ourselves?
  • Practice counting in 2s by using pairs of socks or gloves as a visual stimulus.
  • Practicing doubling, halving and sharing.
  • Draw a picture using lots of different colours. Can you name all of the colours? If you have access to paints, practice mixing different colours to see what happens.
  • Draw a self-portrait using a mirror to get all of the features correct.
  • Reading a favourite story each day and talk about the best parts of the story.
  • Naming 2D and some 3D shapes, drawing each of the shapes and going on a shape hunt inside your house.
  • Write a letter to a teacher at the school. What would you like to say?
  • How many different animals can you think of that you would see at the zoo? Count how many you can think of. Draw pictures and label each of the different types of animals.
  • Save some of the cardboard from your recycling bin. Give your child some of these items. Encourage them to think of what they could make with these. Ask them to make a plan first so they know how they are going to start.
  • Measuring two or three different objects in your house and ordering them based on height, weight, capacity and length.
  • Go on a nature hunt whilst on a local walk and see what natural objects you can find. Draw a picture of what you have found, and write a sentence about the object.
  • Write a set of cards, including pictures, for their friends in school.
  • Talk about the benefits of physical exercise with your child. Ask them why do we need to exercise? Encourage them to undertake different forms of exercise e.g. running, skipping, cycling etc. Ask them to write down why they think they need to exercise.
  • Ask your child to write a letter or card for a family member they have not been able to see for a while.
  • Write a list of all the new things you have done while learning from home.
  • Ask your child to help create a timetable for the day. What do we need to do first? When do we eat? What time do we go to bed?
  • Pick a character from a story. Ask your child to draw a picture of the character and label the picture with adjectives that describe the character. This can be repeated for many different characters.
  • Watch a movie with your child. When the film is over, write a review about all of the parts you liked and the parts you didn’t. Would you watch the movie again? How would you change the movie to make it even better?
  • Give your child 3 to 5 empty containers that could be filled with water e.g. bowl, bottle, cup, mixing bowl, bucket etc. Provide them with a large bucket of water or access to a tap. Ask them to investigate and find out which holds the most and which holds the least amount of water. When they make their choice ask them why and how do they know this? Encourage them to prove their answer by comparing the different containers.

Online Resources: