Please click on any of the links below to view of our key school policies. If you require a printed version of any of the policies, in the first instance, please contact the school office.


Please follow the links below for a view of our key policies. Parents may request a paper copy of any of our policies without charge.

Health & Safety Policy 2020

E-safety Policy

Behaviour Policy 2021

Relationships Policy 2021

Assessment policy 2020

Home Learning Policy 2020-2021 (2).docx

Feedback and marking guidance 2020

Equal Opportunities Policy

Curriculum Statement 2020

Admissions Policy

Pay Policy 2020-2021

Safeguarding Policy 2021.docx

COVID19 – School safeguarding policy addendum

Anti Bullying Policy 2019

Email and Internet Acceptable Use policy

Data Protection Policy


Parents are asked to complete a privacy notice linked to the information school collect and process on their child – this is in line with general data protection regulations. All parents are asked to complete this on your child joining the school. If as a parent you would like to review what you have put on your privacy notice at any time please do not hesitate to drop into the school office.

Schools Privacy Notice Pupils

Complaints Policy – At The Oaks we always strive to promote positive relationships between pupils, parents, staff, governors and neighbours within our community.  However, we acknowledge that there may be times when individuals wish to communicate a dissatisfaction or concern connected to the school. In the vast majority of these occasions, concerns can often be easily resolved by talking to class teachers, admin staff, our pastoral manager or the headteacher. Following talking to school staff, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, please refer to our complaints policy below.

Complaints Policy 2020