At The Oaks…we encourage and promote physical activity, sport, positive mental attitudes and a healthy, active lifestyle through:
  • PE lessons taught by specialist PE coaches (Vara Sports) and class teachers – all year groups participate in 2 hours of PE lessons a week
  • SMILE approach – adults interact with pupils at break and lunchtime encouraging games and play
  • Play leaders – all Year 5 children are trained to as play leaders to further promote structured play at lunchtime as well as building their leadership skills.
  • Mental Health Champions – two children in Year 5 have been trained up as Mental Health Champions to work alongside the mental health team in school and promote positive mental health
  • Change 4 Life and Sports Ambassadors– four children in Year 5 have taken part in training to help promote the importance of sports across the school and help deliver interventions and activities for others at lunch and break times
  • Swimming– in KS2
  • Outdoor adventure residential yearly for Years 2 to 6
  • Sporting competition – we are part of the Cheshire Oaks School Sports Partnership
  • Sporting visitors and athletes visiting into school 

The PE and Sport Grant funding, which is in an addition to main school funding, is allocated by the Department for Education to improve the quality of PE and sporting activities offered to pupils.

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil as recorded in the annual schools census in January 2020. The total amount of Sports Premium Funding for this academic year(2022/2023) is £17,410.

Our aim as a school is to ensure that we continue to make work towards creating an improved and sustainable PE curriculum. This has been achieved by providing all teachers in school with CPD  to ensure that they feel confident and supported in the delivery of their own PE sessions in school.  We also have a robust scheme of work that has been purchased to support teachers in delivering high quality lessons and a good assessment criteria for PE.

All of our Key Stage Two children benefit from swimming lessons at our local swimming pool at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village. Children attend lessons on a Friday afternoon and these are delivered by training swimming instructors at the centre. As we recognise the importance of being able to swim, children who can not swim unaided by the end of their year groups sessions attend additional swimming lessons.

Academic Year of Year 6


No. of Children in the cohort Children who accessed additional swimming  Total Number of children who could complete 25m of unaided swimming (inc additional sessions) Total Number of Children who can use a range of strokes effectively Total Number of children who can perform safe self – rescue in different water based situations
2016-17 15  27% (4 children) 87% (13 children) 80% (12 children) 80% (12 children)
 2017-18  20 15% (3 children)  85% (17 children) 80% (16 children) 75% (15 children )
 2018-19  21 38% (8 children ) 90% (19 children)  90% (19 children) 90% (19 children)
 2019-20  18 0% (no additional swimming due to Covid 19)  67% (12 children ) 61% (11 children) 61% (11 children)
2020-21 26 0% (no additional swimming due to Covid 19) 35% (9 children)  89% (23 children)  12% (3 children) 


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Sports Premium Strategy 2021 – 2022

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