At The Oaks, we firmly believe that grasping spelling is an essential skill which allows our children to communicate their understanding in all curriculum subjects. In order for pupils to develop into effective and confident writers, they need to use and understand a range of effective spelling strategies. By providing our children with a continuous spelling programme and a range of taught strategies learned within class, we will equip them with fluency of known spellings, the ability to explain the meanings of words and the confidence to attempt spellings before asking for adult help.

This is a part of our aim to develop every child’s love of language and give them the confidence to spell more challenging and ambitious vocabulary. We know that this will enable them to become effective communicators both as children and as adults in the future.

We’re a Triple Threat!

Within school, spellings is learned in three ways.

  • Through discreet spelling and grammar lessons which explore patterns and the understanding of spelling, both by the teaching staff and through online platforms.
  • Through writing lessons, where more challenging vocabulary is explicitly taught
  • Through our continuous spelling book programme, Successful Spelling, which allows for spelling to continue at home.

Successful Spelling

The programme that we use from Reception to Year Six is called successful spelling because we believe that every child can have success in their spelling ability. These books align with the government listed spelling and work together with the rules that are explored in your child’s year.

At the beginning of the programme and at the beginning of each year, the children complete a spelling assessment that ensures they can remember the spellings they have previously learned. From this, the children will be given a book which is purposeful and ambitious for their ability. They will be tested a minimum of once per fortnight.

The set that your child needs to learn will be highlighted. Please don’t write in these books, as this is for the teacher to tick off when they test your child. Once your child reaches the golden box, they will be tested on the previous couple of sets. These will be tested in full sentences. once these have been spelled accurately, the child will be given the next set.

Once your child has completed their book, they will receive a certificate in assembly! It takes a lot of practise to get to the end of a book, so use the tips in each book to help your child learn them.

As the books continue through school, they get more challenging and the children will not only be expected to learn the spelling, but also demonstrate that they understand the word.