At the Oaks Community Primary School we are a ‘Talk for Writing’ school and we are extremely lucky to have been involved in a 3-year programme to develop and embed talk for writing in our school with Pie Corbett and John Stannard.

Talk for writing is based on 3 stages: imitation, innovation and independent application/invention.

Imitation (stage 1) – during the first stage the children familiarise themselves with the high quality text. The children will learn the story orally and use story maps to support their learning. They will retell the story until it can be told fluently and it is internalised.

Innovation (stage 2) – the second stage involves adapting a well-known tale. Making substitutions and alteration yet reusing the basic story pattern.

Independent application/ invention (stage 3) – the final stage allows the children to invent their own story. As they have followed the previous stages they have a bank of ideas and concepts to use in their own written work.

We aim to develop children’s learning by using high quality texts and by introducing good vocabulary that the children can ‘magpie’ in their own writing.


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