Read to Write

At the Oaks Community Primary School we are really excited to be working with Gareth Davies and ‘Literacy Counts’ to develop our teaching of English.

Read to Write is evidence-based teaching of writing through comprehensive units that have been carefully constructed so the entire statutory curriculum for English is covered from EYFS to Y6. They also enable schools to draw upon the wider curriculum. This in turn, helps build a rich curriculum where Intent and Implementation leads to Impact and improved outcomes for

Read to Write aims to provide high-quality teaching of writing through high-quality literature. These detailed units of work  focus on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities within and across the curriculum.

They are being implemented with great success because they also provide:

Clear sequential Episodes of Learning
Vocabulary learning and contextualised spelling, grammar and punctuation
Wider reading for the wider curriculum
Curriculum Enrichments
Model Texts linked to writing outcomes
A wealth of supporting resources

Below you will find evidence of how writing progression is supported across the each year group.

Reception 1 Reception Progression Overview SEPT 2020 (1)

Year One 1 Year 1 Progression Overview SEPT 2020 (4)

Year Two 1 Year 2 Progression Overview SEPT 2020 (3)

Year Three 1 Year 3 Progression Overview SEPT 2020

Year Four 1 Year 4 Progression Overview SEPT 2020

Year Five 1 Year 5 Progression Overview SEPT 2020 (1)

Year Six 1 Year 6 Progression Overview SEPT 2020 (3)


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